Our Mission Statement

Born of God, abiding in Christ's Love, we are called to worship, minister, discover and share gifts of the Spirit.

To sustain our mission we are committed to the following values:


We recognize each person's uniqueness and dignity as a Child of God. We invite and welcome all persons to worship and serve.


We pray for one another and our world; we rely on prayer as we conceive, plan, and carry out ministries and activities of this church.


We read, study, preach and teach God's Word, thereby empowering Christians to follow Jesus in every sphere of life.


We worship in the company of followers of Christ and seekers of the Christian essence to bring us closer to the Spirit of God. Variety of expression, diversity in spiritual scope and congregational involvement enrich the character and meaning of worship.


We witness to others by living out the Gospel of Christ in word and deed.


We share our many individual and corporate talents and resources with each other as well as with the larger community to the best of our abilities.


We provide programs of spiritual growth for all stages of life. We educate people for life in the Church and global community by providing curricula and resource materials for Christian learning.


We envision our congregation as a family. We strive for a caring and supportive climate through Christian fellowship, and intergenerational activities.

Spiritual Gifts

We provide a place for each person to discover, cultivate and apply those gifts of the Spirit which God has given.

Environmental Stewardship

We recognize God's creation as a precious gift. As part of God's creation we are called to actively conserve and preserve the Earth so all may live in a healthy and sustainable environment.


We expect members to accept the responsibility of willing service, financial support, and regular worship.


We support and encourage participation in ecumenical and denominational programs.