The Future of Faith

Dear Members and Friends of Faith United Church of Christ,
As published in the Announcements for February 28, 2021, your Ministry Leadership Council (MLC) has established a Task Force on the Future of Faith Church to "work with counterparts in the Lyndhurst Community Presbyterian Church to discern if a shared future between our congregations is God's will for us." The following Members have volunteered to serve on this Task Force: Jim Christensen (coordinator), Ken Fox, Barb Holtz, Nancy Jacquet, Kathy Lorentz, and Gail Robertson Yusko (representing MLC).
In his letter to the Congregation calling for volunteers for the Task Force, our President, Ken Vogt, gave us the following scope of work:
A shared future can take a variety of forms, such as a merger, a federation, or sharing or renting space and/or staff..... [T]hese conversations will continue to be shaped by the answer to the question, “Does this arrangement -- in whatever form it may take -- help us fulfill our mission as Christ’s church?”
We'd like to ask your help in helping us to evaluate the various opportunities that may present themselves in the light of that question. To do that, we've formulated just six questions, one for each of the dimensions of the missio Dei ("God's mission) identified in an ongoing ecumenical study done from 2002 to 2008 by the Roman Catholic Church and the Uniting Church of Australia. Each question below is preceded by a brief citation from  the Study Guide that resulted from that 6-year effort, which we used at Faith UCC for an adult study class in 2015. Please give some prayerful thought to the citations (and refer to the Study Guide if you need more detail), then give us the benefit of your assessment of the importance of each dimension. 
A page is provided at the end of the questionnaire for you to enter any questions you would like to have added to this questionnaire, as well as any other comments or questions you may have about future of Faith UCC.
Thanks for your help!
- The Task Force